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Jon Voight at USC
Jon Voigt will be speaking at USC Today st 7:PM


Testosterone has other important functions
Bowing to public pressure the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. of Winston-Salem N.C. has recently announced it will retire its controversial Joe Camel advertising character (seen here on a special “collector’s pack” of Camel cigarettes).  Anti-tobacco activists have roundly condemned R.J. Reynolds for its Joe Camel advertising which they say is clearly aimed at children and [..]

Chance to save money on OTC medicines
Have you ever stood staring at what seems to be an endless supply of pain relievers or allergy medications, trying very hard to find out which one you should buy? With all the OTC choices, it can be a tough proposition. Well over 100,000 OTC medications are available for you to choose from. However, these [..]

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